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Billionaire Bond is a product of LOGOS , an Information Technology Service provider and MICE SOLUTIONS , an experienced company in organizing comprehensive small and large conferences, meetings and events. Having served the business community for over nine years now, LOGOS has continuously observed the growing need for effective business alliances / synergies as a viable alternative to addressing the pressing and persisting challenges facing Small to Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs). These include but not limited to:

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  1. Lack of Working Capital: This is the most pressing need for most SMEs especially at a time like this while the world grapples with COVID-19. Most of the operational costs can be tackled through bartering of services / exchange of value that does not necessarily involve physical cash. A business that is struggling to stay afloat i.e. survive cannot be very productive, creative or reliable.
  2. Divided Attention / Focus: Since most of our businesses are cash trapped, we tend to venture out in so many unrelated things to generate cash to keep the lights on. This naturally diverts our attention from our core objective(s) to survival mode. Most SMEs are forced to take on any emerging opportunities to make sales even if it’s completely outside their scope or expertise which most times diverts their attention and compromises their ability to follow through on their business objectives.
  3. Market Limitations: Consumer awareness and appreciation is still low especially for intangible / new age (novel) services. It is seemingly hard to grow a reliable, sustainable and profitable client base. Most SMEs are bootstrapping i.e. depend on sales for survival, growth and continuity hence why marketing is critical. Most SMEs cannot afford the available traditional marketing options and are not skilled / informed enough to leverage from digital marketing solutions.
  4. Lack of Financing to Grow and Scale Operations: SMEs primarily depend on day to day sales to finance their operations. The challenge with this is that our markets are still developing and very volatile, depending on day to day sales forces SMEs to get into unplanned for debts with long-term liabilities which often have very severe consequences. Depending on only clients’ payments to run and grow a business is not very sustainable, a business at some point needs external investment to recapitalize and scale.
  5. Lack of a Solid Support Base: Every business is as strong as the relationships / networks around it. There is a vacuum for a unified value exchange forum where SMEs can run to and get instant tangible value i.e. practical solutions to the challenges they are facing as well as access to new opportunities for growth i.e. connections. Billionaire Bond enables SMEs to unite and work with each another for mutual benefit.

It was upon the above background that LOGOS in conjunction with MICE SOLUTIONS established Billionaire Bond, a business to business consortium whose key objective is to create profitable business partnerships. Billionaire Bond is founded on these three pillars:

  • Exceptional Service Delivery / Working Culture
  • Trusted Business Recommendations (Referrals)
  • Mutuality i.e. shared growth and prosperity.

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Businesses normally face the same challenges; what differs in most cases, is the magnitude or impact these challenges have on a business depending on its size and growth stage. Billionaire Bond is the go-to for businesses that want to:

  • Market i.e. create visibility, penetration, engagement, targeted advertising, sales, etc.
  • Meet the right people to work with i.e. partners, funders, sponsors, etc.
  • Access useful information i.e. knowledge, skills, news, insights
  • Get funding options and strategies to boost internal productivity


Billionaire Bond is an inclusive and open forum for businesses of similar vision, values and commitment. Signing up is on annual subscription basis. Signups shall begin from 5th October 2020. You can join as:

Join As A Stakeholder
  • Contributor: – subscribe to market through Billionaire Bonds
  • Implementor:– directly take part in commercial projects (shared cost and profit)

Join As A Partner
  • Sponsor: – Come on board to sponsor an event /activity of interest (short to mid-term)
  • Funder: – Come on board to finance projects / activities of interest (mid to long-term)

Billionaire Bond Team